1. The date and time for the queries are all in Beijing time.

2. The aircraft types in the list are regular, though some of which may be adjusted when implemented.

3. The flight times in this schedule are for reference only. In case of any inconsistency, please call Xiamen Airlines' nationwide ticketing service hot line at 95557.

4. The insurance functions for international flights are under development, please stay tuned!

5. The name entered should be a full name and may not be an abbreviation; characters like "." or "-" may not appear in a name; do not enter MS/MR/CHD and other content after a name; if your passport number begins with PR, please enter only the numbers following PR; please be careful not to confuse the English letter 'O' with the digit '0'.

6.The name and number entered should match the name and number on the valid identity document that will be presented at the time of check-in.

7. Insurance cannot be purchased within 24 hours.